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Wrist Blades

This would have to be the seemingly most basic weapon the hunters could have, and it seems as if they all carry it by default. Being two identical blades attached to the outside of the hunters right forearm, it is a highly efficient weapon and can be likened to a knife that cannot be dropped, and that can be used for parrying attacks from claws and/or other edged weapons while still leaving your wrist shielded. They can be retracted when not used.

"Plasma Caster"

This refers to the small "cannon"-like weapon the hunter bears on his left shoulder. It fires a powerful sort of energy bolt that explodes on impact, is auto-tracking through the hunters targeting computer built into his mask, and more of a long distance weapon. It is the commonly accepted opinion that this weapon fires plasma, something which I personally find most doubtful based on what plasma is and how it works. Most likely it is something else entirely. It is interesting to note that in the sequel, Predator 2, the predator seems to also be able to fire these charges from his wrist.

Telescopic Spear

This is also sometimes to the best of my knowledge referred to as the "combistick", and it is basically a metal spear of about 2.5 to 3 meters (7-9 feet) in length. When not used, the ends can be retracted into the handle part making the spear only about 0.5 - 1 meter (2-3 feet) long. This enables the hunter to carry it with him with ease. Besides being used for semi-close combat the spear can of course also be thrown.

"Smart Disc"

This disc looks and performs much like a sharpened metal frisbee would, with the difference that it has some sort of built in guidance system that also seems to be able to return it to its owner. It's also not thrown by holding the edge, but rather by gripping it over the center with the entire hand. It is then thrown with a swinging rather than flicking motion. Like all predator weapons it is very very sharp. It also seems to be able to add extra power to the cut beyond that which the hunter himself puts into it.

"Net Gun"

The predator also has the option of using a net gun, which fires a spiderweb-like net at the target. Since it is fired with considerable force and has little hooks around its edge, it moves the target backwards and pins it to the nearest wall rather than just ensnaring it. The net itself is made from an incredibly strong material, although it can be cut - at least with the predators own weapons (the smart disc).


Predators sometimes make use of a kind of collapsible throwing star, which is often compared to the japanese "shuriken" throwing weapons. In the AVP movie, this weapon was thrown in a way so that it would also return to the sender, much like the "Smart Disc" from Predator 2.

Spear Gun?

This refers to the spear-tip that's fired in a scene in Predator 2 and ends up getting stuck in an overhead air vent. It's hard to say exactly what fires this weapon, it might have been fired from the combistick, the computer or wristblade holders on the predators forearm, or from an unseen weapon designed entirely for this purpose.

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