AvP Freaks Rules

Avoid double, triple, quadruple etc posts. If you think of something more to add an hour after replying in a thread and your last post is still the last post of the thread, there is no need to create a new post - instead, modify your old one and add more info there. Double posts can however be acceptable if you're bumping a dead thread up to bring attention to a question posed or similar.


This refers to two things:
1) Repeatedly posting irrelevant and/or pointless replies, for example to raise your own status faster, and
2) Excessive advertisement.
It's OK if you want to announce your new site and/or forum, but please do so only once, preferably in the Community Chat forum. Don't post it all over the place.


This is really the most important point of all - be nice to other members of this forum. If they don't share your opinions or if you can't agree on something, try to accept that and move on. Debate as much as you want, but don't slam/bash them or their opinions, and don't be rude. No continous harassment of any single member will be allowed. This applies to forums as well as private messages.