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News posted Mar 15, 2007 by SiL

AvP 2 Preview in May

It seems there'll be advanced screenings of the AvP 2 movie at 'Fangoria's Weekend of Horror' convention.

The convention will also host a costume contest, dessert party (free and open to Gold and Silver customers only), giant dealersí marketplace, FANGORIA TV screenings, a jam-packed indie-horror movie festival and advance previews of such films as Rob Zombieís HALLOWEEN, SAW IV, THE EYE, ASYLUM, TRICK íR TREAT, ALIEN VS. PREDATOR 2, 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, I AM LEGEND, THE INVASION, BORDERLAND, ONE MISSED CALL, CASE 39, WRONG TURN 2 and many more!


Sounds like fun. No mention of what the preview will be like, but it's most likely that it'll just be a few minutes of excerpts.

Thanks to Alien Experience for the news.

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written Mar 19, 2007 at 20:56
wow and i really want to see black sheep

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