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News posted Feb 17, 2007 by SiL

Interviews with Tom Woodruff and Ian Whyte

Member RakaiThwei over at AvP Galaxy's Forum has posted two quick interviews (more like quick talks) he had with Tom Woodruff, Jnr., and Ian Whyte, when they visited his home town.



Me: How do you compare yourself to the original Predator, Kevin Peter Hall?

Ian: Well Kevin was of course, the original and he was a very lean, very athletic person-- which was also reflected in the original Predator. I played the Predators who were huge, muscular and big-- like line backers but if you enjoyed the Kevin Peter Hall Predator, you will love AvP2, because we are going back to basics-- all the muscles are gone, he's lean and atheltic again!

Me: Now regaurding the AvP films, the fandom has had an issue with Grid's exuberantly long tail-- why was this recorded on film?

Tom: Well if the Alien was to do something in one particular scene, it had to be done with computer. There were alot of inconsistencies and the tail often changed alot in the movie-- but we didn't think that so many people would catch onto this.

('Me', by the way, is RakaiThwei, not myself).

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