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News posted Feb 16, 2007 by SiL

Bob Greenberger Interview

Alien Experience has interviewed Robert Greenberger, co-author of the upcoming Predator novel Predator: Flesh and Blood.


Have a sample:

AXP: Can you tell us a little about the story of Flesh and Blood?

BG: In short, when the head of a crime family dies, the two surviving grandsons are summoned to the homeworld for a reading of the will. One, Andar, has tried to distance himself from the family business while the other, Derek, has reveled in it. Derek isnít taking chances on what the will reveals so manipulates a Predator ship to target Andar and his people. Hilarity ensues.

Seriously, we explore two sides to human families and we explore two different Clans and their approach to the hunt, which should make for a good exploration.

AXP: Any favourite parts come to mind?

BG: We have a sequence set where Andarís people are being hunted by the Predators and they seek refuge aboard this mammoth mining machine. I saw this picture of a German-built machine that beggars the imagination so I made it larger and have people and predators crawling all over it.

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