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Fan Literature   -   AvP: Extinction: The Story   -   Chapter 3
AvP: Extinction: The Story
Written by:  SMID

Chapter 3 - Enter LV-742

The colonist ship dropped into orbit around the planet, its long shape throwing a shadow across the planet’s surface as it moved in front of the system’s sun. Basically a giant inter-stellar RV, the colonist ship was shaped like a Winnebago, and acted just like one. The lower maneuvering jets stopped firing, and the ship began to descend into the atmosphere, the engine sputtering, and a cloud of smoke puffing from the tail pipe. The ship hit the atmosphere, broke through, and descended rapidly to the planet surface. About a mile above the ground, the lower jets fired, then suddenly quit. With a sputtering cough, the engine went out.
For that long one-mile fall, the only sound was the wind whistling along the strangely-shaped hull, and the starter trying to fire up the engine. The constant rhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrh of the engine trying to crank. One hundred feet above the ground, the engine started again. The lower jets fired, but it was too late. They barely slowed the big ship.
With a solid crunch and a metallic squeal, it hit the ground, skidded through three miles of dense forest, and slid to a stop in the center of a large, perfectly flat plain.
There was a long moment where the vessel just sat, its hull cooling in the late afternoon sun. Then, the hatches on either side of the ship cranked open, and large ramps lowered to the ground. People appeared at the openings, gazing out over the landscape beyond. From inside, a speaker fizzled with static, then began to speak. “This is your captain speaking. We have successfully landed on LV-742. Please remove all baggage from the overhead compartments, and exit through the doors on either side of you. In the event that your baggage is jammed, leave it, because the ship is going to explode in about three minutes. Thank you, and have a nice day.”
The colonists ran down the ramps and spread out from the ship as quickly as they could, making a wide ring around the vessel as they ran from it. Three minutes later, the vessel exploded, cratering an area two hundred yards across and three hundred yards long. Large pieces of wreckage crashed down on the colonists for a full minute. When the debris and smoke had cleared, they stepped out and surveyed their beautiful surroundings. They gazed in awe at the purple mountains, the deep green valleys, and the hordes of aliens rushing them from every side. Just when they realized they were under attack, it began to rain.
All hell ensued.

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