Fan Literature   -   the celtic predator on a misson.   -   Chapter 1
the celtic predator on a misson.
Written by:  predator123

Chapter 1 - the arrival...

The elder predator told the celtic predator to go to earth capture a human and bring it back. He said watch out for aliens to. So the celtic predator went to earth to retrive a human. when the predator found a human he grabbed him and retrived back to the ship. But aliens had already took over the ship. They killed the human and went for the predator. but he took them all out exept the... Queen! the Queen nearly killed him but as soon as she was about to kill him a predator jumped on him it was..scar! scar stabbed the queen the queen did not even flench. scar was about to die but the Elder predator! jumped on her. but the queen pulled him off as the predators watched in horror and anger the elder predator died as soon as this happend both predators jumped on her and killed her. about 2 years later their were two elder predators scar and celtic.