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Fan Literature   -   the hunted   -   Chapter 2
the hunted
Written by:  hunted predatorz

Chapter 2 - The whole story of predator 2

After the tiring battle, Celtic predator stopped for the night. He was not injured, although he felt pain aching inside of him. But he couldn't rest, he still  
didn't know if there were more of the alien scums around. But he just couldn't stand
it! So he sat down and rested.

In the predator ship, Elder predator couldn't get any thoughts out of his head. If
this mission was a failure, Then he would lose his two best predators! He had to
relax, maybe that would get everything of his mind.

Scar predator was in someplace dark, cold, and hard. But where was he? There were no doors windows, even his weapons don't work on the walls. Then he heard something scurry across the floor...... Facehuggers. So he took out his spear, turned on night vision and then saw 25 of them, watching his every move. So
finally several of them jumped at him. He through a disc and sliced three in a half! Then he caught one and threw it at another! Then at the right time
he stabbed one directly in the middle. That'll be a good trophy, he thought.
Then every one of them ran away in fear. The predator screamed in laughter.

Celtic predator moved in the morning, it was strange, he's had no encounters so far. But he stayed ready for battle. AREEEEEEEEEEEE! Celtic predator went into cloak. Then the queen alien came walking through the trees. then right where
Celtic predator was, the queen alien was sniffing around. OH NO, Celtic predator was found!!!!

                        To Be Continued......

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