Fan Literature   -   Hive spawn   -   Chapter 1
Hive spawn
Written by:  zunnarisss

Chapter 1 - chapter 1; awakening

I awoke inside my host feeling warm and safe, though i felt slightly groggy all the same, as i looked around my fleshy cavern, i noticed that i was not alone, there was another chestburster, a queen, no, a young empress.

^Wait,^ i thougt to my self, ^that can't be right, there hasn't been an empress for thirty thousnd years!^, i knew this through memories and knowledge passed on to me by my host. As the young empress began to stir, i pondered apon how she had managed to get inside here with me, when she finally awoke fully, she looked up at me and asked ~^What is your name, young male?^~ her voice was husky and exotic, and, if it was a taste, a mix of what humans called 'chilli' and tabasco, with a hint of paparika.

~^My name is Zunnarisss, and what is your name?^~

~^My name is Syathisss, well Zunnarisss, we must leave our host, and start our own hive.^~ I agreed with her, although i felt warm and safe, it was indeed the time to leave this host, besides, i did not think that our host's chest cavity could retain us much longer. I burst forth first, exploding outwards in a great shower of blood, gore, internal organs and shards of bone. I had my first look at our surroundings, we were in a dimly lit room with fairly obvouis signs of recent xenomorph inhabitation, lumps of xeno-resin sparkled in the gloom i heard a splashing sound to my left, and when i turned my head to discover the source of the sound i noticed a group of about a dozen and a half drones, of which only one was awake.

~^Greetings young male, i am Synthisss, and you?^~asked the drone.

~^My name is Zunnarisss^~ there was a loud, wet sucking sound as Syathisss made her way out of our host. ~^And i am Syathisss~^ said Syathisss, finnishing my sentence for me. All of a sudden a adolescent human burst into the room breathing hard,  he went deathly pale when he noticed us.

"Oh no, oh god no, p-p- please, please don't kill me, please!" it said in a shaky voice, it was quite obviously terrifed, this did not surprise me especily since my kind were well known for our bad tempers and high hostility towards humans. But none the less, i would not kill him, for he had done nothing to endanger any of our lives, so told him that i would not hurt him so long as he did as we told him and did not tell any other humans of our presence. He seemed relieved that he would live and also seemed to revel in the idea of helping us. And so we did what only one other xenomorph had ever done, we had made a human ally.