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Fan Literature   -   The life of a queen.   -   Chapter 1
The life of a queen.
Written by:  Warrior1000

Chapter 1

Scarlett the queen alien of the hiva wasn't satisfied with her life.

Scarlett (to drone): I've been thinking, I sit here all day and all night laying eggs every 5 minutes and for what? A bunch of kids who keep complaining that they want to be queen or that they can't find a host.I have such a migrain!

Drone: It can't be all bad. You have four arms and I only have two.

Scarlett: I never use these stupid thigs!!

Drone:Well you dont have to go out and risk your life to gather victims.

Scarlett: Exactly, it gets boring sitting here all day (besides I'm starting to get fat).

Drone: You dont look fat to me.

Scarlett: Why cant the preatorians be like you? They're starting to snicker behind my back.

Drone: So? They insult me to my face saying you'll never be good enough to be one of the queens royal guards.

Scarlett: They really do that? Tell them when I get my four hands on them they're demoted to egg watching for a month!!

Drone: Yes your highness!(rushes off)

Scarlett: Oh great, with him gone I'm bord again!

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