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predator 3
Written by:  this1guy

Chapter 2 - re enach

The creature was placed gently on the table with needles to test its blood. The disc was on a moving table but neither of the strangers even looked at it. The creature's wrist was bleeding and the needle pressed hard. Now, in the eyes of thousands, shall the identity of a hunter be known.

Dr.Von: Well I zee that the creature iz a zleeping, no?
Solider: Yes, and your ride back to Russia is on its way.


Stealth solider: OK, kill that scientist any way you can or we'll take another blow like last time with the squad.

Landing it's pod

The hunter must find the clan mate. Only armed with plasma cannons, a combstick and a disk, and wearing a mask also with a cloaking device, he seems to be ready for his hunt...

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