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Fan Literature   -   The Piolts side of the story   -   Chapter 4
The Piolts side of the story
Written by:  PredTech

Chapter 4 - The Showdown

    Having looked around more, he found some napalm and a tourch. Xavien thought about it for a while. He figured out that if he found the Alien he might be able to kill it with fire.

    He went through the door with his pistol in his hand, looking for the beast. He thought about his only friend, Baxter. He fighured by killing the Alien he'd be killing his friend, but then he re-discovered the corpse of his friend...Then, it all changed. Xavien felt so much hate for that one Alien.

    After a very long time of searching he found it, the thing that caused him so much pain, and it was sleeping. He pointed the pistol at its head. Just then the Alien pounced. Xavien ran while firing random shots behind him. Finally after about ten minutes of running, he got a good distance inhead of the Alien.

  Xavien set up his tourch and napalm and waited. The Alien fell for the trap, the fire raged on for quite a while before it stopped and Xavien that it wasn't dead. Xavien Shot it ten times in the head before it died.

    After it died, he thought...He thought about everything he knew and loved, he thought if he should take his own life, or keep living in this Hell hole.

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