Fan Literature   -   The Piolts side of the story   -   Chapter 1
The Piolts side of the story
Written by:  PredTech

Chapter 1

*alarm Blaring* "What is going on", said the piolt. "Our specmins eggs have opened, the whole ship is on lockdown", said the guard."HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!",said the piolt. "one of the idiot crew fell in the stasis pit",said the guard.*listeing to communicator*"SIR we need to get to more secure position",said the guard*

"Everyone Get to the armory and create a perrimeter",said the Superviser."SIR 10 out of the fifteen crew---AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW*chestburster bursts out* "NO NO NO!!!!!!!, WE are so screwed"the supervisor said.

"RUN RUN RUN", the piolt said. When he got to the piolt seat he realized he was talking to no one. He sat in the seat, sent a distres becon and waited to die. after a few minutes he felt intense pain in his chrst area. then he saw it, the hostile,yet beautiful creature that took his life. in just a few more minutes the famous ship crahed in LV-426.