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Fan Literature   -   * 101ST - Quarentine   -   Chapter 1
* 101ST - Quarentine
Written by:  101ST Alley [PFC]

Chapter 1 - Security


LT Dirtywallace - Pistol/Sniper
CPL BlackHawk - Shotgun/Rockets
CPL TurmoilTech - Pistol/Pulse Rifle
PVT Hudson - Pistol/Pulse Rifle/Demo Charges

SGT Fuzzpuff - Pistol/Pulse Rifle
CPL Blasty - Pistol/Grenade Launcher/Pulse Rifle
PVT Alley - Pistol/Shotgun/Pulse Rifle
PVT Gracie - Pistol/Sniper/Demo Charges

LT Dirtywallace walked down the ramp towards the final opening before the "Cell Room", the place where the xenomorph specimens were kept for study. With him were CPL Blackhawk, CPL TurmoilTech, and PVT Hudson. As they went through into the room they were greeted with the sight of a dozen techs busily scribbling notes. The 101st marines were payed little attention to, as they were simply providing security in a place where it was hardly needed. The alien species was afloat and unconcious behind a layer of polycarbate a foot thick. The chemical that kept the alien species dormant gave the water a greenish tint. The LT did the math. 6 chambers with four creatures in each, made for a grand total of 24. That's not including the 3 deceased kept in the tank they had seen in the monitor room, where various lights and screens showed the status of the facility. Every door, tank and light was controlled directly from there. His inspection completed, the LT turned and lead his squad back up the ramp.

"Well, what's on your minds?" asked the LT.

"Looks as good as they could've gotten it." said Blackhawk "Wish they put controls on the doors though."

"No." said Turmoil "Be a helluva lot easier for sabouteurs that way."

"Hell it would." responded Blackhawk "Someone takes the control room, presses a button, boom, it's over."

"That's why we're here" PVT Hudson reminded them.

"A few techs are armed with shottys and pistols" Dirtywallace said "Won't do much against the specimens they got, but they'll take a lone sabouteur." They were almost to the monitor room. "We'll talk to BBBS3 over it" he added "See what they think of it".

The squad turned the corner and came into the monitor room. A few techs stood lobbying around the far wall idle, and next to the tank containing the xenos was SGT Fuzzpuff and BBBS3. SGT Fuzzpuff, CPL Blasty, PVT Alley, and PVT Gracie averted themselves from staring absently at the bodies and stood at attention, awaiting the LT's briefing.

"24 of em. All live. All exactly like these." he pointed at the tank "Now, they're all kept about 10 feet below this floor down the hall we just came from. Now, while there are a lot of em, the systems keeping them in are of good quality. Our main concern will be keeping people out rather then keeping those things in. Any ideas?"

PVT Gracie stepped forward and said "Are ANY of the techs here armed?"

Dirty replied "Some have shotguns and pistols they've brought from home. No training in how to use them though."

Satisfied, Gracie stepped back.

"Anything else?" Dirty questioned.

Fuzzpuff asked "What do you want me to do with my squad if these things do get out?"

"Quarentine." Dirty replied "We'll get all the techs to the monitor room, then move down the main hall and push them down the ramp and pin them there until we find out what we need to do next."

Alley then asked "Would anyone be left to guard the techs?"

Dirty's reply was quick "No, that hall is the only way for the bugs to get here. If they don't get passed us the techs will be safe." Dirty looked around. "Anything else?" Silence. "Alright then, sargent if you wish you can take your men to check out the cell room. Just keep quiet while your down here. My squad will stay here and learn what we can. Move out marines."

Fuzz, Blasty, Alley, and Gracie walked down the main hall towards the cell room. "So" Blasty said "What do you boys want to do when we get back? Sarge says we'll be able to get on the floor above the monitor and relax for a half hour or so."

"Relax?" responded Alley "Hell, we just got here."

"Yeah, and you damn well you'll want some rest in a few hours" said Blasty. "Prove it...mate."

"Damnit, now you know I hate that word..."

Gracie interrupted, "When will I get to SHOOT something?" patting his sniper rifle "Now, the COM said this would be a high-risk assignment. That's the only damn reason I signed up. Otherwise I would've stayed at home."

"It's high risk when the damned things get out" Fuzzpuff said "Until then it's babysitting techs until releived."

"Well then, we could just speed up the process a..." sharp stares cut off Gracie's latest comment. The squad proceeded down the ramp towards their destination.

The squad entered the cell room. Once again the 101st marines were payed little attention to by the techs. One thing that was noticed immediately by the marines was the color of these xenos as compared to the deceased. While the deceased had a lighter, almost greyish tone, these were jet black completely. They also noticed the greyish tint of the water they were suspended in. After viewing the thickness of the sheet the creatures were kept behind, Gracie remarked "High-risk my ass".

LT Dirtywallace watched techs move from screen to screen, but rarely checking to see what was displayed. Instead, the 8 techs had divided into groups and were conversing among themselves, completely oblivious to where they were and what could escape. He simply couldn't understand why their employers would choose such people. While the techs in the cell room had been completely devoted to their work, these techs who were responsible for the running and the security of the facility were content to simply wait for the end of their shift.

"Hey Allen" one yelled.


"Time to stir the tanks again."

"Alright, alright."

"Stir the tanks?" Dirty questoned.

"Every few hours," came the reply "we cycle the systems that keep the specimens dormant." With that he began his work.

Blasty walked close to the holding tank, making out every detail of the creatures within. One was slightly larger than the others, with a green streak along it's dome defiling it's otherwise completely jet black body. It was still and motionless, yet it radiated power. A mechanical noise suddenly filled the room. Curious, he tried to locate the source of the sound. Then the sound and lights cut out. Silence and darkness swallowed them.

"What the hell just happened?" said Dirtywallace, anger present in his voice.

Nothing could be seen, and nothing was heard but the drawing of weapons by the marines, and the annoyed muttering of the surrounding techs. The lights flickered, and came back on. The marines had weapons ready, but seeing the calm expressions on the techs told them there was no danger.

"Faulty generators" Allen elaborated "All the systems will be frozen exactly as they were until the mainframe reboots." He checked his monitor "3 hours".

"Heh" was the LT's only reply.

Fuzzpuff's men had drawn weapons and pointed them at the illuscent tanks. But as the lights came back and they saw the calm expressions on the techs, they lowered their weapons and contacted Wallace over comms. Alley felt something was wrong. As Dirtywallace explained how the tanks had been cycling and creating the noise they had heard, he realized what it was.

"Sarge," he whispered "shouldn't the cycling have continued?"

The silence had not ended with the return of power. Fuzz walked towards the nearest tank and inspected it. The water was losing it's tint and clearing. The squad and nearby techs gathered around the tank. A twitch from the prisoner inside. Minutes passed. The aliens began to awaken.

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