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Post 31 written Sep 6, 2009 at 12:44
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Sorry, I have been reading. It's very good.
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Post 32 written Sep 6, 2009 at 17:01
I haven't even gotten through the first page yet but so far you write very well and I'll make sure to read all of it thanks for sharing!
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Post 33 written Sep 7, 2009 at 01:31
I hope you don't mind me posting it in this format. Here's the next chapter.

\Chapter 26

The chopper landed and the APC rolled out. Out of the side window dawn was breaking, and Ambrose could see what the pilot was talking about. "...it's like... swarms of... giant... things, like, swarms of creatures of what you would get if you crossed, I dunno, like a rhino with... like an ant." Private Boston said. Lissome laughed. "Only to someone with as fucked up a mind as yours. Eh..?" Lissome nudged Connors, who replied with a half smile. As they neared a ledge, a large secretion covered rock, Connors could see just over the hill at the horizon, the blazing sun peeking over the edge of the world, then, the peaceful looking sunrise was ruined... when Connors got a good look at the surrounding landscape.

Miles, upon miles, as far as the eye could see, the creatures ran, and everything within those miles, everything that was once a remnant of civilization, was covered in... their resin, their landscape, which had transformed their very planet, the very place they called home, into something... alien. Connors could see a city, massive contorted structures and buildings that were once skyscrapers, now turned into something... alien. Connors couldn't think of anything else, no other word to describe it. Strange or foreign was just a massive understatement. All those people, had perished, and nobody was here to save them, nobody knew... no one could hear them scream. The alien city was just eclipsed by all of the others he could see in the distance, also transformed into alien and even more alien structures, and on the horizon, Connors could see massive shapes, hundreds of them. The hunters' ships.

The APC came to a full stop and Lissome motioned to the door.
"Pile out! Go go go!" Zimmer yelled. Connors had the Energy Cannon. As they formed up, Zimmer nodded to Connors. Connors nodded back and patrolled down the front of them. "Now... now is the time, we get our turn to be heroes. Most of us here... this world, hated us, was cruel and abusive to us, or maybe, it even sought to destroy us." He reached the end of the line and turned back. "...but, as it ironically turns out..." He shouldered his EC. "...we're the only ones who can save it. These things, they, breed with a Queen, or a single Female. We kill it, they begin to die, but this is worth the risk, we're all going to die, but if you want it on your feet, you spit out your fears, and you keep on. You keep on. You never give up, if your body refuses to get back up, try, try harder, until you are dead, and you have cast out your last breath, do you stop. We're all in this together, and we do not stop, until we are on this bitch's doorstep." None of them uttered a noise. "Now, move out."

As they approached the edge of the massive rock they got on their bellies. The sound of these giant creatures stampeding along was almost deafening. They sat there for hours. The clouds didn't let up, and Connors knew it was going to be a dark day. It did not rain, it did not thunder, the clouds just hung there, like grey corpses hanging from invisible string. Soon, the numbers began to thin. Another few hours, they approached peak capacity, and would die down again. Ambrose began to notice a pattern. They were patrols, scouting the area out to find new hives. The predator ships just sat there, ever still. As the day approached noon, Zimmer received a message from control. "Lieutenant? Lieutenant! It's Reznor! You and the Captain need to pull your men out of there-" "We're doing a duty to our world... sir!" - "no, you must listen! There is more than one!" Zimmer was confused. "More than one what?" "MORE THAN ONE INFESTATION, MORE HIVES, MORE FEMALES! THERE ARE TOO MANY! PULL YOUR MEN OU-" Zimmer heard him stop, and another man step in his place. "Ambrose?" Connors knew this voice, it sounded so familiar to him, like a distant, far away dream place that he had visited so long ago, and it was only a faint memory, a faint whisper in the back of his ever changing, ever hurting skull, saying "remember me". "Ambrose! This is Nolan! You need to listen to your General." It all fell into place.

It was a test, something to see if he had the will to give up... to let go... but he couldn't... even when he knew he couldn't win, he had to try, this world was all they had left... then... there would be nothing. "You need to evac, it's too soon. We've been getting reports of hundreds more of the hunters' ships heading your way, it's all over the news, they're keeping us up to date on everything as it happens, the world." Then the last words were drowned out as a deafening sound erupted through the air. The alien creatures stopped dead in their tracks, and it seemed as though a living ocean had suddenly ceased all motion, and time had stood still. The sound lasted a good thirty seconds, but it had been the longest thirty seconds of his life. The sound stopped and he heard a low humming sound, and in the distance he could see hundreds... no... thousands of little dots, which became so many he couldn't fathom the numbers... and he knew... something big was about to go down. "AMBROSE! THE SHIPS JUST LAUNCHED MULTIPLE WAVES OF PODS TOO MANY FOR US TO TRACK! GET OUT OF THERE! NOW!" Connors looked around, up at the approaching objects. "Okay, we're aborting mission, Marines, pile up!"


The Alien noticed the ship, the human ship, fly off, and then looked back to see the hunters' cocoons arriving. The Alien's hiss echoed, and the others backed out of the way, clustering together. As the cocoons landed, wave after wave, they began to open, several at a time. As the hunters emerged, the Aliens hissed, and the hunters roared, and then, the two sides engaged, two living walls of the most barbaric creatures in the galaxy then collided, and explosion after explosion, they killed each other off in the dozens. Amongst them was Surge's pack. Surge with skill and experience, gracefully took on several of the foul beasts at once, not stopping a beat, as he plunged his spear into them like a skewer, and Shadow and Blade helped, Shadow with his large heat cannons, and Blade with his Plasma Cannon, they covered him from behind, with help from some of the other Warriors.

One particular Alien was getting on Blade's nerves. With a swift backhand and a tail through the stomach, it took out two, and even took one brother, before being stabbed multiple times, dragged him through the fields of battle, out to the sidelines, and lifted him up into the air, before throwing him up and hitting him out of the air with its tail, killing it. Shadow saw this and handed him the spear. Blade growled with glee and approached the alien. He roared and extended the spear before chucking it at the creature. It went right through the creature's leg, missing its torso. It roared, yanked the spear out, and broke it in two. The alien the struck him really hard across the mask, too hard. It then struck him again, and again. It was striking him, like a Striker. The yautja roared as his mask fell into the mud. He had a reputation for getting angry when his mask was removed. The yautja roared and expelled his gauntlet blades. The two ran at each other, and as they leapt into the air, Blade fired his cannon, and the blast knocked them both out cold. The battle lasted another hour or two before it began to die down. The remaining members of Surge's pack escaped and the few others of the Alien swarms, probably to prepare for the next strike as they were probably intent on replenishing their numbers as Surge noticed the Drones were dragging off unconscious brothers, one of which was Blade. Too much time had passed for anything to be done. Surge mourned his brother's loss and prayed for him to have a quick death. On another note, he already knew he had arrived too late to find Kluutak, as the hard meat had impeded their progress, and Primal was probably going to enlist one of his mercs to finish the job Surge had started, atleast he got a few trophies out of it, he hated working with the military.

"This World tried to destroy me, yet it only made me stronger. It gave me the nerve, the strength... the rage. You hear me out there? You made me what I am. You added to the rage."

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Post 34 written Sep 19, 2009 at 19:17
Sorry for the massive hiatus, i'm getting the next chapter up shortly. How's everyone liking it so far?
"This World tried to destroy me, yet it only made me stronger. It gave me the nerve, the strength... the rage. You hear me out there? You made me what I am. You added to the rage."


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Post 35 written Mar 3, 2010 at 08:21
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