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Kevin McDonald
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  Topic:   Locked!Post your bookmarks.

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Post 1 written Feb 21, 2009 at 01:25

  Topic:   Locked!February 18, 2009

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Post 1 written Feb 20, 2009 at 00:27
An introduction to what this topic is about.
When laying in bed, trying to sleep, on February 18, 2009, I decided that I would type about my day on February 18, 2009 (so on February 19, 2009, I typed about my day).  This could be very helpful for people about to go into high school (I'm a 16 year old Sophomore), it shows them what high school is like (block days anyway).

The Day
I woke up at 5:00 AM (GMT-6) and took a shower, then finished getting ready for school.  I then go on the SS Free, the Reenactor Entertainment forums, the new Battle.net forums (not the old Battle.net forums), Planet Mac, Trollz, the Petroglyph Forums (the survivors of Westwood Studios), check Yahoo! e-mail address, check my Yahoo! Answers questions, and go on the Hulu forums.  Then I go out to my bus stop, where I see Tressa, Ashley, and Amanda waiting for me.  We board the bus (it arrives about 2 minutes after my arrival).  Then I have a nice quiet and peaceful bus ride to school.  Then I get off the bus (about 30 minutes later) at school.  I go down stairs (of the school), and then go to the cafeteria.  It's a block day today (classes are twice as long, but today we only have 3 classes, plus advisory, the classes I have today are "Algebra in Careers", "Advisory", "Study Hall", and "Art Fundamentals").  I sit with some friends in the cafeteria before school starts.  We start harassing rustyslacker, Fatal, and the rest of The Abyss (a group of gay hackers from Finland).  So when the flames start to die down, I was just kidding around, I told one of my best friends, Matt Beumer that he is rustyslacker (the worst thing a sentient being can say to another sentient being).  His girlfriend glared daggers at me and I felt threatened, so I immediately apologized for that remark (Matt Beumer was rather upset that I would call him such a thing).  Then Zach brought up Aliens versus Predator: Requiem, and we have a Alien-Predator discussion.  The bell rings, I go to Algebra in Careers (the rest of the congregation move to their respective classes).  We do group work, ok good.  The bell rings a hour and 30 minutes later, I go to "Advisory", I was about to read Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Warped, when this really hot girl walked in the room.  I sat next to her (on purpose).  Then she had to go to another class to get help, I thought "dammit".  I then read for some time.  Then she came back, and I pulled one of my own moves, I asked if I could borrow her pencil, she let me borrow it, then I wrote her a note (that had my name, e-mail address, and phone number on it).  I then gave her the note (which I folded up really small), along with her pencil back (a very clever move to give the note to her at the same time as her pencil...aren't I a bold one?).  After class she told me she had a boyfriend (yet again "dammit").  I continued to "Study Hall".  There I met up with my friend Alex, I told him "library", a single word which meant a lot.  We both went up to Mr. Operman and asked to go to the library.  He allowed it, we went down there, I'm like hell yeah, I sat in the general area I usually sit at (the two computers in the corner, which I prefer).  I also sat next to Molly Sparks, a old friend of mine I haven't seen since 7th or 8th grade.  She is hot, and she was working on a paper about the Korean War and how evil Communism is.  I then put in my flash drive, installed Jumpgate: The Reconstructive Initiative on the school's computer that I was at and played that.  My friend Alex played a zombie flash game on Armor Games on a computer that was in a different row than mine.  Molly said "I didn't think we were allowed to play games." and I replied "I didn't think so either", we laughed...we cried (no not really / we didn't really cry).  Then she started flirting with me, and it was great (or as some less civilized people say, gr8).  Then I helped her with her paper on the Korean War and the evil Communists (her paper was titled "Communism, the Root of All Evil").  She was obviously still just flirting with me by asking for my help, I could tell she really liked me (as more than just a friend), and I had some feelings for her too.  It seems as though we are perfect for each other (I might ask her out some time).  Then some fag named "CRXGirl" in Jumpgate (Molly left for second lunch shift, and so Alex sat next to me and watched, I offered to install it on the computer he was at, but he declined), anyway that fag named "CRXGirl" was trying to start a fight with me.  So I was all talking trash to her, calling her a "fag", "bitch", "whore", etc.  She then threatened to kill me (in the game), so I'm like bring it  bitch!  I was on a mining mission, so I dock with Octavius-Core Station and complete my mission (I reached level 9) and I buy a Raven.  I arm it with 2 missiles, 4 Celefactors, engines, power plants, etc.  Then I undock, and say "holy shit" in real life, she was waiting for me, and so I was attacked.  I was a level 9 civilian, she was a level 50 military officer.  I was fired upon (unprovoked), it seems my ship had some power trouble, I couldn't fly full speed and have my radar on at same time (due to lack of power).  I turned and shot my two missiles and fired my celefactors at her ship.  Then I turned around, and did some fancy maneuvers.  Then I owned "CRXGirl" (a level 50 military vessel).  Then "REDRUM" (who is a fellow Octavian) who saw the whole battle, betrayed me, his own ally and fired a volley of missiles at my ship as I was docking.  It was to late to try and evade, they were locked on and I was in the middle of docking.  The missiles obliterated what was left of my shields and destroyed my hull plating (armor), then the missiles destroyed my vessel.  I can't believe I just beat a level 50, just to be betrayed by my own ally. Then I went to lunch (block day lunches are screwed up).  Then I went back to the library during lunch, hoping to see Molly again, and play Jumpgate.  She wasn't there, but I did play Jumpgate.  I died again, crashed (my Raven didn't have a docking computer, so docking was quite troublesome in my Raven).  I then went down to the cafeteria and talked to some friends (who had the same block day lunch shift as me).  Then the bell rang, went to my least favorite class this year ("Art Fundamentals", which is almost as stupid/bisexual/gay/restarted [no offense to retards, it's not their fault they were born with mental disabilities] as "Mechanical Drawing", but not quite as bad).  Then the bell rang, got on the bus, had a quiet and peaceful bus ride to my bus stop.  I got off my bus stop, and walked home.  I was home alone, I was making a scenario for (and playing) Making History - The Calm & The Storm.  Then I watched Star Trek: Enterprise.  Then I went online (and watched Stargate SG-1).  Then I finished watching Stargate Atlantis: Rising (the pilot).  Then I watched the special features of Stargate Atlantis: Rising.  Then I went on Facebook.  Later on I went on Hulu and watched Total Recall 2070.  Then I went to sleep.

  Topic:   Locked!Reenactor Entertainment is hiring!

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Post 1 written Feb 17, 2009 at 00:51
Reenactor Entertainment, Ltd. is making a new game, Total Recall Online.  In order to produce Total Recall Online, they need to hire more staff, so if you are interested in helping make Total Recall Online, reply to the topic of the position you want with an application (if you want to apply for a different position, please post a new topic in the "Jobs" forum).  It should be noted that since Reenactor Entertainment is primarily a not-for-profit organization, there will most likely be no pay (we do it for fun, and to provide a valuable resource for the community).  Also, you will be able to work from your own home (and set your own hours [unless otherwise specified by a Reenactor Entertainment corporate]).  Anyone, of any age can apply for free.  I wish you the best of luck with your applications, there will be thousands of other people applying for these positions, so if you want a job, I suggest you hurry, before they are all taken.  Thank you for your time.

  Topic:   Alien versus Predator Online maps

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Post 1 written Feb 14, 2009 at 19:23
Reenactor Entertainment has added maps to Alien versus Predator Online!  Click here to read the announcement at Reenactor.net.

  Topic:   Locked!Aliens versus Predator: Gold Edition

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Post 1 written Feb 13, 2009 at 23:16
I am hosting a server for Aliens versus Predator: Gold Edition, the server will be up on certain days at certain times (which are listed below).  Please note that while I can almost guarantee that the servers will be up at 8:00 PM, they may be on sooner (perhaps even a few hours sooner if you want to play early).  Well if you want to play a game, please connect to the server.  More information is listed below, hope to see you on.

server information
Server Name: SS Free
IP Address:
Server Website: http://s1.zetaboards.com/ssfree/topic/1224363/
Host: xgmx
Connection Mode: TCP/IP

* February 13, 2009 @ 8:00 PM (GMT-6 / Central Standard Time)
* February 14, 2009 @ 8:00 PM (GMT-6 / Central Standard Time)
* February 15, 2009 @ 8:00 PM (GMT-6 / Central Standard Time)
* February 16, 2009 @ 8:00 PM (GMT-6 / Central Standard Time)

  Topic:   Congratulations Barack Obama, from the Ottomans!

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Post 1 written Jan 21, 2009 at 04:52
Congratulations President Barack Obama, I am the President of the "Republic of the Ottoman Empire", a unrecognized state that consists of Rumeli (the former European part of Turkey).  I would like to say that I look forward to working with you.  Our three closest allies (Jonathanland, Kosovo, and Communist Japan) are also unrecognized, however we are united in our cause to help out with world peace, thank you for your time.

  Topic:   Jumpgate: The Reconstructive Initiative

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Post 1 written Jan 19, 2009 at 23:15
I can't log into Jumpgate: The Reconstructive Initiative for some reason.  I can login to the forums (but I can't view the board for some reason) and I can log into the website.  When I logged into the site, it said my account was still active and they I had paid for this month already.  However I can't connect to the actual game for reasons unknown (my account hasn't been hacked and I haven't forgotten my password, because the site, forums, and game all use the same account).  I even changed my password to see if the new one would let me log into the game, but it still wouldn't let me.

screenshot of what it says when I log into the game
[IMG error]

screenshot of what it says when I log into the forums
[IMG error]

  Topic:   sorry

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Post 1 written Jan 19, 2009 at 18:53
Modified:  May 14, 2022 at 23:16  by  VenomX
Hi, I'm xgmx, I would like to apologize for my activities on the forums.  I am turning over a new leaf.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  Thank you for your time.

my contact information
E-mail: xgmx@gateworld.net
Website: http://z10.invisionfree.com/xgmx
AOL: lieutenantxgmx@aim.com
Yahoo!: admiralxgmx@yahoo.com
Yahoo! Japan: lieutenantxgmx@yahoo.co.jp
Skype: strikesback7
Xfire: xgmx
GameSpy: xgmx
ICQ: 207462033
VZOchat: xgmx
Praize: admiralxgmx
Integrity Messenger: xgmx
SS Free: xgmx
Explosmertacular: xgmx
Planet Mac: xgmx
Trollz: xgmx
TAUniverse: xgmx
Steam: admiralxgmx
Google Talk: admiralxgmx@gmail.com
MSN Messenger: xgmx@gateworld.net
Video Game Chronicles: xgmx
Supreme Commander Universe: xgmx
Homeworld Watchers: xgmx
My Language Exchange: xgmx
Battle.net: xgmx@uswest
Hellgate: London: admiralxgmx
Reenactor.net: xgmx
PhoeniX WorX: xgmx & admiralxgmx
Chatango: admiralxgmx
JOSSH: xgmx

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