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Charles Bishop Weyland, Lance Bishop 341-B, Michael Bishop.
LV426 (Acheron), Fiorina 'Fury' 161 and occasionally Earth
Owner of Weyland-industry and co-owner of Weyland-Yutani corporation
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  Topic:   Prometheus
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Post 25 written Oct 14, 2012 at 00:14
The talking did bother me a little, didn't like how it sounded like Jabba the Hutt, but I think they should have kept the whole fast pace of Weyland, Shaw and David throwing questions at the Enginer, the whole speech Weyland said about also being a god and now being equal, I should imagine it pissed off the space jockey.

Without that, it felt like "Oh now, Humans, DIE!"

The weird thing is that this kind of happened in an ALIENS comic from years ago, but it was a number of androids that try fighting a space jockey, after some communication error, or something, but the space jockey kills them all.

Never thought that I would see something similar in film.

  Topic:   Prometheus
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Post 23 written Oct 10, 2012 at 04:53
Wow, life on this forum??

Anyway, it seems the problem with the movie is that they had so many ideas that they seems to have changed them on the spot whilst filming, like how Fifield was a gangly CGI creature and then they changed him to Elephant-man zombie. It really feels like they had so many ideas, they really didn't know what they really wanted to use and it kind of became to much.

I haven't watched all the special features yet (job gets in the way) but from what I did see, so many ideas where presented, altered, dropped, brought back, changed again and so on.

I do wish they kept the talking Space Jockey scene, the theatrical version made him out to be just an angry silent, almost Frankenstein monster.

  Topic:   Wow.
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Post 6 written Feb 29, 2012 at 06:57
It is certainly sad to read all this, considering how alive this site used to be. Its obvious that AVP Galaxy diverted all the traffic, but I have stopped posting on there for a few years year.

What ruined it for me is all the bickering and sad debates that still go on about universes, cannon, this does count, that doesn't count, this is wrong, this is right and all the endless debates. It sucked all the enjoyment out of these movies and almost stopped me being a fan altogether. Though I still remain a fan, I am just am not as big as I used to be when I 1st joined up, even when the 'Predators' was released, I was not bothered by it. When AVP-R came out, I could not get enough, even a dark grainy, blurry photo had me craving for more.

But I do miss this site for its community, this site had the more intelligent fans, though there was debates, it never went as far as some stuff did (and still does) on Galaxy.

If it wasn't for this site, I don't think I would have made it through university, this place felt like home and there was a lot of great people to talk to about problems, granted I complained a bit (though I still do, except its now a crumby dead end job I am in, and I wont go further) but this place had a great feeling to it, to bad we all never meet each other in real life.

I was 19 turning 20 when I 1st joined this place, I remember when I was here for like a month and it felt like forever had gone by. I am now 25 and 3 months old. I have not been on here the longest but when half a decade goes by, that's just something.

I don't think I will do a 'goodbye' since I am still going to be around, who knows what may happen in the future?

One last thing, I do find it funny is that when I joined, I 1st heard about an 'Aliens: Colonial Marines' game, and we are still waiting.

Until next time, this is Mr. Weyland, signing off......

  Topic:   Happy Relese!
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Post 10 written Feb 28, 2010 at 06:09
I have competed the Predator and Alien mode on nightmare.

I am halfway through the game with marines, got near the end of the 'Ruins' level and died at the Predator, because my friend was around and he started humming the 'Guyver' theme, made me die.

  Topic:   Obbsesion with queen
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Post 30 written Feb 28, 2010 at 06:06
I never really bothered with the queen alien much, just the normal aliens for me.

But the picture up top as always looked cool, even if the queen is like three times the normal size.

  Topic:   Happy Relese!
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Post 8 written Feb 22, 2010 at 02:59
I just did the Alien mode on 'Nightmare' difficulty. Killed myself doing it, not looking forward to the other modes on Nightmare.

  Topic:   Happy Relese!
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Post 6 written Feb 21, 2010 at 02:25
My short review.

Awesome game, good detail to research , great graphics and lighting, online is good, needs more balance and quicker stealth kills, Alien and Predator campaign needs to be longer.

Overall great game, best fun I have had in ages  :D

This gets my Mr. Weyland's awesome seal of approval.

I hope the game does well, and colonial marines will be realised, and maybe some future download packs, like the AVP primal hunt pack.

It also seems that the bad reviews are more against the franchise than the game, the game is awesome for what it is, better than the last few games we have had so far, I was taught this in University, the game is its own thing, what are you comparing it too, because it is it's own thing.

  Topic:   Happy Relese!
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Post 4 written Feb 19, 2010 at 23:25
What's your gamer tag?

And also, I just beat a team death match, mixed race, were there was 1 Alien and 1 Predator against just me, as a marine, and I won, don't f##k with Weyland

  Topic:   Happy Relese!
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Post 2 written Feb 17, 2010 at 01:11
It's out today, I'm going to get it now.

You lucky Americans, though the game was made in UK, it 1st must be approved by the USA, I really don't understand the different release dates, stupid companies, I fail to see the logic, especially when we are all connect via the internet.

Are you getting the normal release or the Hunter pack?

  Topic:   AVP DEMO
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Post 3 written Feb 5, 2010 at 00:17
Just had a few matches, my last match, it was just me, as an Alien, against a Marine, I was Stalloned, I had no chance, damn motion trackers.

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