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News posted Oct 28, 2007 by VenomX

New PredAlien reproduction method for AvP:R

Heeere, victim victim...
As most fans have already realized from news posted on, and the heavy debate in the forums over at, AvP Galaxy last night, the PredAlien in the upcoming movie Aliens vs Predator: Requiem has added another method of reproduction to the alien lifecycle.

What appears to be the solid facts, as verified and defended by AvP:R director Colin Strause on the above mentioned forum, is that the PredAlien is now able to directly implant its victims with chestburster embryos by grabbing onto their face with its mandibles and, for lack of a better word, giving it a big wet sloppy kiss.

Whether this procedure will consist of the PredAlien jamming its inner mouth far down the victims throat and doing the nasty for awhile, or simply more of a fast puking-down-their-throat and quick fade to darkness (for the scene and, perhaps, the franchise?) has yet to be revealed.

Our own forum thread on this new revelation can be found here

Thanks to Darkness at AvP Galaxy for sharing the news.

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written Dec 7, 2007 at 08:59
damn it tht thing looks hard as hell

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