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News posted Aug 24, 2007 by VenomX

New AvP2 production still!

A picture from the upcoming AvP2 - Requiem movie was released the other day, clearly showing a predalien hybrid fighting with a predator.

This looks almost like a "final battle" type shot, as it appears the two creatures have both impaled eachother, with wristblades and tail. This is just speculation of course, but the quality looks very promising nonetheless.

The only thing I feel a little iffy about personally is that the predalien appears to have "predator hair", and something about the body texture/posture also seems to slightly lean towards the newborn in Resurrection, but that's maybe looking at it a bit too negatively, and it is a blurry rain shot after all.

For a better look, check out the full image at:

Thanks to Darkness @ AvP Galaxy for this tidbit.

Comments (1):
written Sep 5, 2007 at 14:23
    OMG i cant wait for that flick to come out

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