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News posted Jan 27, 2004 by VenomX

A few news bits

Just thought I'd keep you posted on some recent changes done last week. First of all the art gallery now allows uploads of 640x640 images as the maximum size, instead of the previous 400x400. The file limit has however been reduced from 5 to 4 images (looks neater as the page width allow 4 thumbs ), however if you've reached your limit and have some incredibly beautiful art to upload that AVPfreaks just couldn't do without, I *could* always raise your limit too of course.

Other than that, I've also done four more AVPfreaks avatars for members who don't have their own. The av's are: Facehugger, Spaceman, Marine and Xeno Egg. More will of course be up in the near future as well.

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