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News posted Aug 13, 2005 by VenomX

v2.0 up on avpfreaks.com!

Finally, AVPfreaks has gotten its own domain name and we are now officially moving over to www.avpfreaks.com! The site is there to stay, so all of you who link to us, we must ask you to update them one last time. It is also the new version 2.0 of the site (which, admittedly, looks much the same as v1, but with a whole nother engine running under the hood) that's up at the new location, and the old version hosted on the MooseNest domain will be closed down shortly.

Unfortunately, due to good old Darkness having another "episode", some members have gotten their accounts deleted along with a few of the forums threads. This great misfortune doesn't seem to have struck any of the more regular visitors or active posters, but if you're one of those whose accounts were erased, we must ask you to register once more. Naturally, we have taken steps to ensure this cannot be repeated in the future.

Other than that, welcome to the new site at www.avpfreaks.com!

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