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News posted Aug 1, 2005 by VenomX

Recent problems with this website.

You may have noticed a lot of problems happening here lately - the site gets flooded with new random member accounts, the forum gets spammed with new threads, old forum threads get deleted and/or moved to new random locations. Things like that. Those things were all caused by Darkness (former admin of AvP Galaxy) due to an argument between him and one of our moderators.

Most of the methods he has been using to cause problems for this website/forum has been prevented, but not all. He can no longer delete or move threads, but there is no way for us to prevent him from creating new random member accounts from random IPs, and so the spamming at least might continue. The only measure we can take against this is to shut down the ability to register as a member at all, which we have already had to do on at least one occasion. If you find yourself wanting to join up as a member and you get a message that you can't - please be patient until we allow registrations again. It is a necessity, and not our preference, to do it this way.

None of the already existing member accounts here on AvP Freaks will be affected by all this as you will still be able to log in, however we urge those of you who have easy/obvious passwords related to the AvP franchises to change them into something more difficult to guess.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, but we are doing what we can to stabilize the situation and fix every problem that might arise as soon as possible.


VenomX, SiL, Red Giant
AvP Freaks Staff

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