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Fan Literature   -   AvP: The Spoof   -   Chapter 6
AvP: The Spoof
Written by:  SiL

Chapter 6 - At the Whaling Station…

To Chris, and to everyone else, the whaling station looked like nothing more then a metal box made of five slabs of corrugated iron. And it was a dull rust brown, which clashed very badly against the white snow. And that Penguin that just ducked back behind it. Very bad colour clash.

Jake scoffed. “My dog house looks better then that. At least it’s made of nice painted wood.”

“Yes, but everyone thinks their home looks best,” said Chris, still looking at the box.

There was a pause while everyone waited for Jake to get the joke, but he wasn’t. Michael eventually kicked him, in a weird attempt to speed up the process. It wasn’t happening.

Waylay limped up to them and motioned to the station. “Go,” he squeaked. “I’ll follow.”

The others headed on as Waylay limped behind, giving squeaky little gasps as he took each step. He’d gotten rid of the disco ball, and now wore at least three different animals on him.

The interior of the whaling station was amazing. There was a small ramp that led down into a large, multi-layered lab filled with technicians and scientists and Penguins running around, tapping frantically at a random computer console. Some times sparks flew as a scientist tripped over a penguin and smashed control panels, but there was never any serious damage done.

Sandy picked up a Penguin and smiled. It was so cute, even if it did wreak of fish and started pissing on her. There was just something about a bird that can’t walk or fly that made people feel nice to them.

She placed the Penguin down and continued with her friends to the end of the first level, where they stopped at a stair well. Waylay finally caught up, and trailing behind was a scientist. He beamed at them.

“It’s a Velociraptor,” he said.

He hadn’t even really finished the word when he was sent tumbling down the stairs, grunting and groaning as bits of him bent the wrong way.

“Next one to mention dinosaurs gets to meet the Maker!” Sandy screamed, veins on her head throbbing so hard they bulged. Somewhere above the surface, a pack of dinosaurs started, very quickly, to leave.

“Right,” said Michael.

Another scientist came up and, without talking, ushered them down the stair well. They obeyed, making sure not to slip on any blood as they descended. When they reached the bottom, they pushed aside the dead scientist’s body and walked into a large, empty, concrete hall. The ceiling was ages away, the other end was at least a kilometer, and the width was that of three buses held end-to-end.

It was a big room.

When they reached the other end, they looked up at two massive wooden doors. They had AvPTM engraved on them in gold, and to either side of the doors were some torches. The scientist hastily pressed a batch of buttons, making the torches slide into the wall and replacing the wooden doors with solid metal ones.

They looked up in awe. And air. And microscopic bugs that were everywhere.

Then, slowly, the doors stayed shut.

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