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Fan Literature   -   Aliens Vs Penguins: Naked, With Pie In   -   Chapter 7
Aliens Vs Penguins: Naked, With Pie In
Written by:  SiL

Chapter 7 - For War! Or Pie!

Ceremony hid behind a large computer bank as the Aliens screeched out, the mangled remains of Pie in their bloody clutches. He shuddered when the body dropped in front of him, eyes wide.

"Mamma Ö Mamma Ö"

Ceremony picked up the doll and squeezed it tight. "Mamma Ö Mamma Ö" it said. Then, with another loving squeeze, Pie pissed on Ceremony. He lifted the dollís head and pointed an accusing finger at it.

"Bad little Pie," he reprimanded. "Now donít you goÖ"

Ceremony looked down at the pile of soggy crap at his feet. He looked back at Pie, to his feet, then back at Pie.

"Piece of shit!" he yelled, smashing the doll repeatedly against the wall. "Just wait Ďtil your father hears of this!"

That was about when he realised he was being stared at by little over two thousand Aliens. He turned, looking shocked at the still and silent mass of black chitin.

"Come on!" he said. "The little bastard took a crap on my leg!"

"Oh," said one of the Aliens. "Oh, right. Well, gotta go!"

With that the Aliens continued their travel towards the Porn Food.

When the Aliens had left, Ceremony dropped the remains of Pie and crept down the corridor, in fear of being noticed by Her Majesty, the Bitch.


Ceremony turned. He saw there, behind him, the reanimated rag doll. Itís limbs and head flopped, and itís legs were hollow bits of synthetic flesh and tubes. When it moved, its legs slid underneath it in a cruel mockery of some mannequin puppet.


"Go, foul fiend! Leave! *Mamma* Be that your word of parting! Leave!"

"Okay, Iíll go," Pie sniffed. "Didnít have to be so cruel about it!"

Ceremony just stood there, staring blankly.

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