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Fan Literature   -   Aliens Vs Penguins: Naked, With Pie In   -   Chapter 15
Aliens Vs Penguins: Naked, With Pie In
Written by:  SiL

Chapter 15 - Epilogue

In a small McDonalds somewhere in Australia, an absolute psychopath was scheming about a sequel to this plotless piece if pie-driven drivel. The following interview happened on the 13 Ė 1 Ė 04.

Psychopath: I wrote this story to prove dangers of Aliens and Penguins. And also how the ultimate force of Pie can turn men against others! Sequel, there will be, yes!

Interviewer: Uh huh. Now why should we read another story? I felt this was just mindless blabber and verbal pornography [NOTE: The Story was not censored until after this interview]. Why should we read another one?

P: Because I have not yet dealt with the full force of the Penguin, something which needs to be dealt with! The Next one will be set in Antarctica with Predators. I still need to show how things can get very messy over misunderstandings!

I: But it wasnít a misunderstanding in the first place. They all just wanted a Pie, except the Penguins who wrongly accused the people of the station for the decline in temperature. That was just passing the buck.

P: I donít care! There shall be many a sequel! At least one! I still need several things covered! Hahahaha!

I: What about the main character Betty B. Ceremony? Will he also be featured in the sequel? Will you just continue without him? Or will you do an AVP:E2:Primal Funk where the main character is resurrected, a la Alien: Resurrection.

P: Betty B. Ceremony is dead. He was a one-off character who, quite frankly, never had a decent hit. He was useless, just like this interview. He didnít connect with the readers quite like the David Shipley character. Of course, David only connected because of his new Pimp Farm.

I: So AVP:2 will go ahead?

P: Yes. It will be called AVP:2 Clothed With Predators In. And Pie.

I: God save us all.

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