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Fan Literature   -   Aliens Vs Penguins: Naked, With Pie In   -   Chapter 12
Aliens Vs Penguins: Naked, With Pie In
Written by:  SiL

Chapter 12 - The Calm Before the Storm

Emperor Duu’N’Duu ordered his Penguins either retreat or get inside the station: A massive snow storm was heading their way with winds of up to 400kmph. It had already torn up one of the encampments, and they didn’t want a replay.

So the Penguins drew back, to the thinking that they were surrendering to the might of pitiful human army. The Aliens weren’t so naïve, and thought that they were just scared little birds. But something told them to get inside, and quick.

So, with reckless abandon, they charged through the remaining human force and infiltrated the station before the humans knew what was happening. But again they thought that it was their might that had driven them off.

But the humans at least knew their prey wasn’t dead, so they charged in after them, screaming and brandishing their crayons. When they got inside they expected masses of Aliens; what they got was dead Silence.

One of the Marines moved Silence out of the way and continued ahead of the troops, looking for some tasty Bugs to shoot with his nice new gun that he drew. He stroked his gun tenderly, waiting for the moment when he could …

The jaw punctured skin and bone, brain and eventually the right eye.

The Marines were dead.

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