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Fan Literature   -   Aliens Vs Penguins: Naked, With Pie In   -   Chapter 10
Aliens Vs Penguins: Naked, With Pie In
Written by:  SiL

Chapter 10 - My Queen, Your Pie

The Praetorian stepped over the Plexiglas and into the corridor, looking both ways before walking stealthily into the kitchen. There he stealthily tore off the freezer door and stealthily threw it away, making a stealthy loud noise.

Then he carefully took out the pack of Pies, carefully tore it to shreds, then carefully slammed them into the microwave for a few minutes. When they were ready he carefully took out the pies, walked stealthily to the Queen, and handed them to her.

"You must be very stealthy and careful," she said. "Just look at the last two paragraphs. Yeesh!"

She grabbed two of the pies and crammed them down before reaching for the last one. She hesitated, considering what to do with this last, sacred, meaty pie…

"You have it," she said, retracting her arms. "I think you should see, firsthand, just what it’s like to experience the Pie."

The Praetorian thanked her and scoffed down the pie. He jerked upright immediately, twitched, and involuntarily curled his tail into a spring shape. Then he started bouncing around everywhere, going "TTFN; Ta-ta for Now!" and laughing like a maniac. He only stopped when his head smashed through the ceiling and had to be pulled back by Sshe’ss’Sshitt’y.

"Well? What do you think?"

The Praetorian’s head rolled for a second before he finally snapped out of his daze. "Good Giger! That was … awesome!"

He gasped a few times to get his breath back before looking up at the Queen. She was straining very hard to do something. She took a breath, then started straining her abdominal muscles until she was out of breath.

"Laxatives," she panted, reaching out.

The Praetorian grabbed the bottle and handed it to here. She took it, emptied it, took a breath and strained so hard she emptied her ovipositor. Then she sighed, got off her throne, wiped her ass and looked around.

"I wanna maim somethin’."

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