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Fan Literature   -   AvP: Extinction: The Story   -   Chapter 9
AvP: Extinction: The Story
Written by:  SMID

Chapter 9 - Bloodlines

Two technicians rolled in a cart with a large sheet covering it. Doctor Kadinsky pulled back the sheet and gasped. “It’s marvelous! Where did you find it?”
Before him lay a ten foot giant. A Yautja. Long rumored to exist, but never seen in the flesh. The technician pointed at it. “It was in the woods. The burned woods. It’s pretty badly hurt, but not quite dead yet. What do you want us to do with it?”
Kadinsky glanced at the line of alien eggs behind Plexiglas on the other side of the room. “I have a few ideas.”
Kadinsky strolled over to the window and tapped on it. A synthetic appeared on the other side, entering through a door in the back of the Plexiglas area. “Sir?”
Kadinsky pointed to an egg in the far corner. “That one. I want that one.”
The synth walked over to the egg, pulled it loose off the floor, and carried it over to the deposit chute, which it slid it into. The technicians hefted the hunter up into a tall Plexiglas cabinet, and secured him in it, standing upright. The egg was carried by chutes to the cabinet, and, once the front was secure over it, the egg slid in and settled in a spot in front of the hunter.
Kadinsky walked over to watch. After a few moments, the egg opened, and a few legs appeared. The hunter seemed to awake at the same time, its beedy eyes opening, its tusks clacking as it looked around. It tried to move, but found itself restrained. It was then that it noticed the facehugger climbing up to see it. It roared, and the hugger jumped.
Kadinsky clapped his hands in glee as the hunter finally stopped struggling, and the facehugger won the battle. “Now, we see what comes out.”
One of the technicians frowned. “Sir, what if this is a bad idea?”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, these are two species that we don’t know anything about, suddenly thrown together like this. What happens if the thing that comes out of that big green alien is a big, mutated monster like it?”
“Nonsense, the genealogy of the aliens shows that mutations like that don’t happen. It’s impossible.”
“But what if it does?”
“Then we’ll just have to see what happens. We’ll blow up that bridge when we get there.”
“By the way, sir. Why did you choose that specific egg?”
“Oh, it’s a queen facehugger egg.”
Another technician strolled up, a notepad in his hand. “Dr. Kadinsky?”
He turned. “Yes?”
“Sir, the new genetically-engineered drones are almost ready for release into the new hive. But you need to pick a base color for them, sir.”
Kadisnky took the pad and looked down through the list of colors. “Hmm… something that strikes fear in the hearts of their enemies, something suave, yet subtle… I’ve got it! Yellow!!”
He handed the pad back. “Yellow is their base color.”
“Yellow, sir? Won’t the real drones be able to tell they’re different that way?”
“Bah, of course not. We all know aliens are color blind!”

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