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Fan Literature   -   AvP: Extinction: The Story   -   Chapter 7
AvP: Extinction: The Story
Written by:  SMID

Chapter 7 - The Hunt Begins

A Yautja hunt-ship touched down deep in the woods, its engines kicking up a cloud of dead leaves and cardboard branches. The loading ramp lowered, and a dozen armored hunters strolled down it, talking about hunts, women, and shooting big hairy things with plasma cannons. They cloaked and became very silent, moving into the woods in typical predator hunting manner. They moved silently, the only sound the occasional fart or belch that came from the cloaked warriors, and the thuds of them stomping through the woods in gear so heavy that they could barely move. After several minutes, they came upon their first trophy. It was a bit small, but an easy catch. The lead hunter crouched, raising his hand to signal the others to do the same. Being cloaked, of course, they didnít see him, and piled into him one after another, tripping and spilling out on the ground all around him. Unmoved from his spot, he raised his wrist computer, locked onto the creature high in the trees overhead, and pulled the trigger on his plasma cannon. The plasma ball streaked up through the trees, and nailed the creature in one hit. Then the plasma ball streaked past the halved carcass, and splattered on the trunk of the tree behind it, setting the tree on fire.
The effect was that of napalm. A forest made entirely of cardboard suddenly was host to a burning tree. All the trees around it caught fire instantly, and the trees around those followed suit. In ten seconds, the entire forest was on fire, and the hunters were dead, burned to death in seconds. The remains of their prey landed on the ground amidst the flame. It was the tail and hind legs of a squirrel.

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