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Fan Literature   -   AvP: Extinction: The Story   -   Chapter 6
AvP: Extinction: The Story
Written by:  SMID

Chapter 6 - Tour

“The facility is fully self-contained. We lost a lot of lives setting it up, but now that it is fully operational, we are perfectly safe.”
The commander looked down a corridor as they walked past. All he saw was lab techs walking around, their noses buried in data pads or clip boards or books. He turned back to Kadinsky, who had continued. “We run a tight ship here, commander. We’re hoping you won’t interfere too much with that. I’m going to be totally honest, commander. In the lower levels of the labs, we are building our own alien hive. We are genetically engineering our own breed of aliens to inhabit it. But merely for scientific purposes.”
Charge nodded. “Of course. The weapons division would never ask you to work on these things for them. Purely scientific work.”
Kadinsky eyed him, then turned down a side corridor. “Of course. Before you arrived, we handled ourselves quite well, thought the frequent attacks by the aliens were taxing our personnel to the limit. Hopefully, now, we’ll be able to focus entirely on our research.”
Charge shrugged. “Not a problem. That’s what we’re here for.”
“Funny, I thought you were here to take the bullet for us.”
“That too.”
“Ah. Well, I must get back to experimenting on our own personnel. I hope you don’t enjoy your stay here. Because if you do, chances are we’ll all be dead.”
Charge waved after him. “Take care now, bye bye then.”
Kadinsky disappeared, and Charge turned and walked back up the corridor to the exit. A marine met him there. “Sir, we’ve outfitted all our forces with outrageously expensive weaponry and put them in points around the exterior where they can do no good, and be struck by as much friendly fire as we can muster.”
Charge smiled. “Good job, private! You’ll make a good second-in-command yet!”
“Thank you, sir. Oh, and the aliens are attacking.”
The commander clapped his hands together and pulled his pistol. “Well why the hell didn’t you say so!”
He ran up a set of steps to the edge of the colony wall, aimed down into the oncoming hordes of aliens, and opened fire with his pistol. “WOOHOO! Like shooting bugs in a courtyard!”
The private stepped up beside him. “You are shooting bugs in a courtyard, sir.”
“That’s explains it!”

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