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Fan Literature   -   AvP: Extinction: The Story   -   Chapter 5
AvP: Extinction: The Story
Written by:  SMID

Chapter 5 - Taking Over

The marine dropships touched down side-by-side on the colony’s two landing pads. The ramps lowered, and a large contingent of Colonial Marines walked down the ramp, their sharp sticks shined up and ready to go. The colonists that met them at the bottom of the ramp were carrying brand-new pulse rifles and smartguns, one even had a SADAR (Shitty-aiming-dumb-arse-rocket system.). The colonists nodded to the marines. One colonist stepped forward, extending his hand to the commander. “I am Doctor Ed Kadinsky. I am in charge of this colony and its inhabitants. May I ask who is in charge of these marines?”
The commander shook his hand. “I am. Commander Dick N. Charge, at your service.”
“Dick who?”
“Dick N. Charge.”
“Yes, I understand Dick is in charge, but Dick who?”
“No, my name is Dick N. Charge. Commander Dick N. Charge. I’m a Di… look, forget it. I’m in charge.”
“Yes, I know who you are, Mr. Charge. But who is in command?”
“I am.”
“Very well, then. I believe these should belong to you.”
He motioned, and the colonists piled their weapons at the marines’ feet. The marines eyed the weapons with wide grins. The commander motioned to them, and the marines scooped whatever they could get their hands on out of the pile. Charge turned back to Kadinsky. “We’re supposed to take over security from here on out. We’ll need you to show us where the control room is, and where the armory is.”
Kadinsky waved them towards the main complex. “Right this way.”

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