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Fan Literature   -   the hunted   -   Chapter 3
the hunted
Written by:  hunted predatorz

Chapter 3 - the whole story of predator 3

Celtic predator stabbed his wrist blades into the leg of the queen. But he was
still no match to it. So dodging the queen's slash, he ran into the forest! He heard
the queen calling all the aliens in the area! Then he saw a tree, about 20 feet tall
so he climbed up to the top, He through branches making the dumb aliens go in that
direction. He was safe, for now. He knew he was close. Very very close.

Scar was still in his jail cell, trapped. Finally something broke through the door.
It was Celtic predator!!!! Scar got up and went to him. He was so thankful!!!
But they had to get out of here, the queen still wanted them. They moved faster
then ever, dodging everything. Then the queen knocked them 15 feet back. There was
10 aliens with the queen. The predators were doomed! Then a figure, no 5 figures
hopped on the queen, and there leader was the Elder predator! But an alien stabbed
him with his claws. Every Predator watched forgeting there enemys. As Scar and Celtic predator watched, all the others were being killed. Sadly, the to predators
got in the ship and flew back.

6 years later, there were 2 new elder predators, there names always be remambered,
Celtic and Scar predator.

                      The End

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