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Fan Literature   -   the hunted   -   Chapter 1
the hunted
Written by:  hunted predatorz

Chapter 1 - The Whole story of predator 1

Deep in space,on the predator ship,the predators still waiting for Scar to come back. He was sent on a mission to explore what kind of life forms were on Earth. Finally the Elder predator decides to make a search party. He called the Celtic predator up to his throne,telling him to go and retrieve Scar and bring him back.

It is dangerous,but they were partners so he had to go. He would have gone with Scar but he was wounded so he couldn't battle. So he went to prepare for his mission. As he put on his gear, and he thought about everything he did with Scar. What if he failed?

Scar would die,and it would be cause of him! But he knew he wouldn't fail. So he got in his pod and fired down to Earth.

CRASH!!! Celtic predator has landed on Earth. But where was he? There were trees everywhere! But then there was rustling leaves! Quickly, he went into cloak. Then two puny humans came out of the brush. He was about to attack, but then he remembered "only attack if necacery". So he quietly left.

But he wasn't alone, as he moved across the lands,so did aliens and Celtic predator knew that. As he moved,he was in danger... always so he moved cautsausly down the trail. He heard a slow growl. An alien jumped at him slashing his claws wildly! Celtic predator tried to turn around but TOO LATE! The alien was already on him!

He kicked the alien off, side rolling to the left. He took out his spear
and stabbed the alien as it was jumping,hitting it in the stomach! It screamed and swung its arm at Celtic predator, knocking his spear away. The alien jumped tackling him to the ground! Then the alien spit the acid on him! Celtic predator managed to get his wrist blades up to the alien an stabbed it right in the chest! the alien roared in terror and fell to the ground. This was one of the many battles won.

To Be Continued.....

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