Fan Literature   -   A alien named Sythan   -   Chapter 1
A alien named Sythan
Written by:  Thecoolalien

Chapter 1 - Waking up.......

Sythan: uhhhh uhhhhh...... another day in hive sweet hive I wonder what's for breakfast?
Queen mom: guess what's for breakfast.
Sythan: what?
Queen mom: well we got some human a ravager dad got some predator today and to top it off some goo!
Sythan: Why do we have to have goo its disgusting but I call first dibs on the predator! It looks great.
Queen mom: Ok Its ready chow down.
Sythan: (eat it) can I go outside?
Queen mom: Not until your finished with your food

                                         Wait until next chapter for the rest!!!!