Fan Literature   -   The life of a PREDATOR named gils   -   Chapter 4
The life of a PREDATOR named gils
Written by:  this1guy

Chapter 4 - I really don't care

The next day in my house, it was quiet and a little messy. Could anything else be more horrible this week? I got a message to go to the Courts,to see if this one yautja is innocent... or guilty.

These types of things are very annoying, and I'm not good with choosing something, even to save my life, I can't make the right choices. I wasn't in the mood and I really don't care about these things, not even my pet flying lizard would care, but I still would have to go, in four days... well at least thats alot for me to take a break.

The next morning, I got a message from Shiver... how did he know my address? Sure, we're friends and all but I never showed him my house. The message was:

Der jils

did u seeeeeeeeeee the newz abot th cortz?

Sure Shiver could be a horrible writer but hey at least it wasn't about akward questions... But I really don't care.

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