Fan Literature   -   The life of a PREDATOR named gils   -   Chapter 3
The life of a PREDATOR named gils
Written by:  this1guy

Chapter 3 - the war of the cats

In our new ship, our clan leader is now our blaze militar (to humans its lt.).

"Joining us will be Eva" said this tall hydra yautja.
Soon Eva came in, her skin white, her tail under some armour (yes she is also a tailed yautja), she was the girl in my old school, she was a yautja that I really never had the guts to talk to...

My face went pail for a bit. We soon landed and then left the ship. It was a lifeless planet, but soon I saw what those other militas were fighting... they were selling off many animals.

"Ok now that your here, we need you to sell these cats" this one yau said. "Why do we have to sell cats?" I said."we need more money thats why" He said,than left.

We saw clans coming in buying wepons, creatures, ship parts, and soon we figured out why those milita yautjas were at the construction site, the milita hardly had money so they were selling stuff at this planet, while the other milita can make a large clan tower, a type of community chat, eat, buy type place were clans can hangout.

I sold over... 1 cat, we did awful, but half the time some of the yautjas were trying to impress our clan leader and Eva.

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