Fan Literature   -   The life of a PREDATOR named gils   -   Chapter 2
The life of a PREDATOR named gils
Written by:  this1guy

Chapter 2 - the hunt begins

The next morning we were back home, and as the usal, Eliza forgets to put on some thing before leaving her room, Shiver asks me odd questions, Frog talks to a butterfly, and Hacker is on his computer, and I amuse my self with a stick.

When we landed there was a construction site by us,and a few milatitary yaus."Well thats strange, is there something wrong done there that can't be handeld right?" Hacker said, we soon walked away from there and entered the hall of the gods.

There was an old yautja, wearing a red cape and looks as dead as a 100 year old humen...since yautjas can live to be 100 or older."well we have a few here" said some milita yautja, the elder stared at us, "well you seem like a good bunch, we need more militas now, so you will go and get into some milita armour now" the Elder said.

We did what he said and put on the armour, we were equipped with plasma rifles, blood spear rifels, etc. etc.

We did not question the Elder but we were all confused for many reasons. A tall yautja came in, "ok get in at ship 4, were ready to leave" he said. "why?" I asked, he replied" cause we are sent to war!".

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