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Fan Literature   -   The life of a PREDATOR named gils   -   Chapter 1
The life of a PREDATOR named gils
Written by:  this1guy

Chapter 1 - I don't get payed enough

I awoke in my room,so tired and very weak and theres shiver,pokeing me with a dead chestbuster.

"What the heck are you doing???" I said,in a very tired voice

Oh my names gils...named after a type of money.
I'm the son of one of the famous hunters "SPIKED TAIL",his clan can point out that i'm a very bad at throwing discs and aiming a plasma caster. we were going on our first hunt...me,shiver,frog the 4th , eliza, and hacker.

Shiver is our equippment yau,makeing his job to preapare our wepons, masks, etc. etc.

Frog is as most frog yaus, end up heavy infantry, which is useful...but he's one of those "gentle giants"

Eliza is our clan leader so theres not alot to say unless your born yesterday.

And then theres hacker,of course thats his clan nickname and well his job in the clan is what his name impelies...hacking.

Im just the back up hunter...but with all the failures I had in my past,I really don't know why my rank is a "warrior".

Shiver whispered in my ear,"eliza infomed me that someone is looking threw her stuff...have you seen anyone near her room?" he said,
I said "no except her but I wouldn't worry,besides sometimes she forgets that she has nothing on and ends up embarrised".

I went back to sleep thinking "I really don't get paid much"

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