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Fan Literature   -   Hive spawn   -   Chapter 3
Hive spawn
Written by:  zunnarisss

Chapter 3 - new discoveries

~^What?!~^ i exclaimed, my mind voice being so loud that it made the human flinch ~^Why did you not tell me before?^~
~^A little help here Zunnarisss?^~ cried Syathisss, cutting Synthisss off before she had time to reply.
Giving Synthisss a sharp look, i turned away saying ~^We will finnish this later^~ and walked over to Syathisss. As i began to use my resin to fix her eggsack to the roof of our current habitation, i pondered why i had not been told of Synthisss's having been a drone of the original empress, when Rynthisss told me to watch where i was placing my resin as i had accidently stuck her tail and right leg to Syathisss.
~^Sorry, i wasn't paying attention^~
~^Evidently.^~ she replyed. Soon .enough we had completed attaching Syathisss and her eggsack the ceiling, later on i was to discover what an eggsack did, and when i did, i was really very confused.
~^So, wait, your telling me that the empress told you to take the egg, containing a face-hugger that had been redesigned, by the original empress, to carry two embryos, Syathisss and myself, to a human, who had drunk water which contained xenomorph nano-bots, to impregnate said human, but to do so you had to get inside a reversed time capsule, to the year 2012, several tens of thousands of years ago, and then stay there until the chestbursters, Syathisss and me, came out, and that in fact there won't be another empress for more than thirty-thousand years?!^~
~^Pretty much, yes.^~ answered Synthisss, nodding. Looking around i saw all the other drones nodding as well, all the drones were sat around us in a semi circle as i sat under Syathisss. The drones names were:
Rethisss, Sethsisss, Revisss, Lythisss, Rythirsss, Scithisss, Synthisss, Rynthisss, Scyrathisss, Crythisss, Iwythisss, Ewythisss, Scanthisss, Ryathwithisss, Grywathisss, Scrathisss, Fwathisss, and Shathisss. It was nearly sun rise and so i suggested that we all went off to our sleeping places, i had moved mine to next to Syathisss, everyone agreed though and we quickly fell asleep. ~^Good night Syathisss^~ i said sleepedly.
~^Good night^~ she replied, sounding as tired as i felt. As i fell asleep, i noticed the human, who had earlier said that his name was Tom, short for Thomas apparently, cuddling up with Scyrathisss. ^Nice for him^ i thought as succumbed to the tug of sleep.

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