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Fan Literature   -   Hive spawn   -   Chapter 2
Hive spawn
Written by:  zunnarisss

Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 surprises

The next day the human introduced us to 'the net', we found it really very interesting and we also noticed that it was, in many ways, like our hive-mind. We found out a lot about humans and the way they live their lives, we browsed 'forum' sites and found out about particular humans, we also found a site which we particuarly liked, it was called 'avp freaks'^, but for every question that got answered, a dozen more questions arose. After a few days, i noticed that Syathisss's stomach had begun to bulge after about half an hour of trying to figure out what was happening, we finally settled on the idea that she was going through the begining stages of her laying cycle.(the human had been asking what we had been doing at night a few days ago that had caused so much racket, so we told him to think of what some humans do at night that causes quite a lot of creaking, he quickly figured it out, and went quite red in the cheeks!). Later that night, i found my self being shaken awake by the drones, who were saying things like ~^its happening, its happening!^~ and ~^come on, get up! We need help to attach it to the ceiling!^~ to which i responded ~^attach what to the ceiling?!^~
~^Why, the eggsack of course, what else?^~ replied Synthisss
~^Wait, what is an 'eggsack'?^~
~^You mean you don't know what an 'eggsack' is?!^~
~^Well, no, i don't, i mean, why else would i ask?! Besides, you seem to know more about queens and empresses than i do! And i'm a male!^~
~^I know, that's because i was one of the original empresses drones!^~

to be continued...

...In the next chapter!

^this is a real website, and the address is http://www.avpfreaks.com

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