Fan Literature   -   The Blood   -   Chapter 1
The Blood
Written by:  Siberia Predator

Chapter 1 - Generations

In  space a yaujta  ship  passed  by. They stopped  at a  planet called  junglos. The  Elder  predator  insist  that his  youngest  son  of  the  clan will  hunt. His  son  was  a vanguard  predator that  earned  his  honor  early. He  was  therefor  100  years. He got his  armor  and proceeded  with little refusal. The predator took  out his  spear  as  the  sun  glistened  on  the  blade. The  Predator  heard  rocks  moving  and  leaves  crunched. He  quickly cloaked hiself. He  saw a space marine  with a weapon. He went behind him  silently the predator ripped the  marine's head off as blood trickled off his hands. After he collected the skull he saw a ship. He thought that they weren't able to defend themselves so waited until night to hunt.