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Fan Literature   -   Alien killing leasons the next leason   -   Chapter 1
Alien killing leasons the next leason
Written by:  mofokiss

Chapter 1

Pred teacher: OK kids, today we have a real drone!!

All together: Yaaaaaay!

Pred teacher: Unfortunately we can't kill it because we only have one.

All together: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw.

Pred teacher: But we can still seriously injure ..... wait, Steven, what are you doing?

Steven Leonard: Dynamite!!!!!! Hehehehe


Pred teacher: No, wait ...... oh my God, Steven you blew off your arm! Quick, go to the nurse!

Steven Leonard: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

He runs to the nurse

Pred teacher: Right, who's next?

Thomas: Mememememememememe!

Pred teacher: OK Thomas, come up.

Thomas runs up to the drone and cut of his penis and glues it to his face.  

Thomas: Yay, sexual assault!

Pred teacher: Good boy, Thomas, but no more sexual assault, OK?

All together: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!

Cindy: Can I have a go, please?

Pred teacher :OK, come up Cindy.

Cindy walks up and stabs two knifes into the Alien's knee caps.

Cindy: Walk now, you stupid black condom!

Pred teacher: OK, good try but less of the language.

The nurse flies through the wall.

Steven Leonard: See? Dynamite even works on molesters!


Note: This story was requested by Crazy Steven Hybrid (Steven Leonard in the story). If you have an idea and would like to be included in the classroom series, just mail me. Thank you.

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