Fan Literature   -   avp meets maury   -   Chapter 1
avp meets maury
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Chapter 1 - yaaay!

MAURY! My alien wife  cheated on me! Is my predalien mine?!
*Duhhhh duhhh duh duh duhhhhhh...*

Maury: So what happened
Alien: Well, my beautiful chestburster may not be my husband's.
Maury: Well....THAT SUCKS!! Here he comes!
*duh duh!*
Maury: Well if he's yours, or if he is not, what will you do?
Pred: Well if he is mine I will teach him stuff and take care of him. And if he is not I WILL TAKE OUT BOTH OF THEIR SKULLS!!!!!
Maury: That's nice. THE RESULTS ARE IN!!!! You........ARE THE FATHER
(both cry)
Pred and Alien: YES! YES!
Maury: Now here comes out the other predator
Crowd: Boo! BOO!  
Pred2: She's still mine
Pred: I will take care of THIS!!
Maury: No wrist blades here, no skinning... don't take out his skull ... ok... Now I have to clean up this mess!
Pred: Like my trophy?
Alien: YUP!!
Pred: Honey, let's go home.

                              THE END!!!