Fan Literature   -   alien nusrey rymes   -   Chapter 1
alien nusrey rymes
Written by:  mofokiss

Chapter 1

(Sung to the tune of Greensleeves)

One day the queen said to a drone,
One day kid you'll take the thrown.
He looked at her then at the floor,
One day all of this will be mine?

One day all this is mine.
Oh how I cant wait for this,
To be mine.
One day all this is mine.
How I can't wait for this.

He ran back home to tell his mate,
Then realised he had a date.
So he ran back to the sushi bar,
And told his girlfriend instead.


After the date date he was shot dead,
A bullet entered through his head.
It was the queen she killed him yes,
All this will never be yours.