Fan Literature   -   blue 92 vs alien   -   Chapter 2
blue 92 vs alien
Written by:  crazy steven hybrid

Chapter 2 - Blue 92 in the field

Commander Carl, "This is Carl, Commander of blue 92"
Large explosion at bunker 5, BOOM!!
"Shit! Jon I think the aliens took out bunker 5ís heat generator, because bunker 5 has been blown sky high. This is Commander Carlís vocal log, I am in the field and we are firing at the alien hive. Somehow they have learned to uses the base's canons and we are under fire. These fuckers are getting smarter."

Privet Steven, "Sir the aliens have somehow broken through barrier 46235 and are spreading into the bunkers and the stand off posts. We need all of our idle troops down there now and we need some of the special troops down there as well to clear out the aliens inside the bunkers."

Commander Carl, "Very well, Iíll give the order and Iíll accompany the troops at barrier 46235. Thank you, Steven, but stay here and keep a watchful eye on things until I come back. Carl, Commander of the blue 92, singing off".

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