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Fan Literature   -   blue 92 vs alien   -   Chapter 1
blue 92 vs alien
Written by:  crazy steven hybrid

Chapter 1 - commander's login one.

This is my journal. I am commander of the Blue 92, a platoon of soldiers in the battle against the horde of aliens. Even though many years have gone by we are still in the thick of it; bombs are still dropping on the planet LV-742, a planet infested with savage aliens and horrors that will haunt my dreams for ever. One of our groups just got attacked by a monster that the soldiers like to call a Ravager, a creature with three claws on each hand, a mouth full of teeth, intelligent and a savage behavior, truly one of the most aggressive things there is, but we will be ready for them. Commander Mark of the Blue 92.

This is my another entry to my journal. Luckily me and the boys did not encounter any more of those Ravager things on the way the base, but we are now to be sent to an even worse place: we need to go inside the alien infested cave to save some lost marines. You see the Blue 92 is a rescue group, we respond as quickly as possible. Accompanying me is Sergeant Steven, Private Mereel and my dear friend Carl. He is my friend who I can trust the most; I could trust him with my life, and in my will I have requested that if I die that my higher authority will look at his record and promote him in my position as commander of the Blue 92, we are about to set off now, and this could be my last entry. Commander Mark of the Blue 92 out.

This is the new commander of the Blue 92. I am Carl. It was in Mark’s will that if anything happed to him I would take his place as commander. He died on the rescue mission. We had got everyone on-board as we were going to takeoff, then all of a sudden aliens came in from the front entrance, Mark jumped out of the ship and with his last orders, he told us to take off and leave him. As we flew away I watched him destroy   most of the aliens and sacrifice himself to let us escape. The team and I will never forget him. This is Commander Carl of the Blue 92 signing out.
commander Mark (2324)-(2365)
commander Carl (2365)

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