Fan Literature   -   baby preds preparing to fight aliens   -   Chapter 1
baby preds preparing to fight aliens
Written by:  mofokiss

Chapter 1

Baby Pred 1 : Mooooom, when's dinner ready!

Baby Pred 2 : We're starving.

All Together : Yeeeeeah.

Mother Pred : As soon as dad comes home with it.

Baby Pred 3 : Oh mooom why can't we just have beans?

Mother Pred : Look you'll eat your chestbuster or you're not aloud to go alien hunting on your birthday mister.

Baby Pred 3 : But mooooooooooooom.

Mother Pred : No buts. You eat your chestbuster or else.

Baby Pred 1 : I like chestbusters.

Baby Pred 2 : Yeah, me too.

Baby Pred 3 : You two are such kiss arses.

Baby Pred 1 and 2: Am not.

Baby Pred 3 : Are too.

Mother Pred : Fine, everyone go to your room.

All Together : But mooom.

Mother Pred : NOW!

Father Pred enters.

Father Pred : What's going on here?

Mother Pred : This family is dysfunctional, I'm leaving.

Father Pred : What's wrong with her? Oh well, who wants chest buster?

All Together : Me me me me me.

                     THE END