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Fan Literature   -   avp with jerry spring   -   Chapter 1
avp with jerry spring
Written by:  crazy steven hybrid

Chapter 1 - marage problems with jerry.

Jerry : Hello this is the Jerry Springer show with two odd ball, let's say hello to queen alien and elder predator.

Alien: Hello Jerry.

Pred : (sighs) Hello.

Jerry : Okay, what is the problem.

Alien : Oh Bill was rally sweet when I married him, but now he's a bit of a slob.

Pred : Oh here we go!

Alien : He always used to be there for me but now he there for another girl.

Pred : Shut up woman!

Alien : Hey!

Jerry : Hey hold up, ok Alien are you saying he's with another woman?

Alien : Yes.


Jerry : Hey you came on this show and I donít think you're going to kill anyone ok, so you shut up!

Crowd :(chanting)  Jerry Jerry Jerry.

Predator gets up and punches jerry in the face.

Crowed gasps.

Alien : Good God Bill get off him!

Pred holding him down and strangling Jerry.

Jerry : God it stings!

Pred : You tell me to shut up, I told ye Iíll kill ya!

Coppers trying to stop Pred, then Queen Alien gets up and kicks Predator right in the pan handle. Pred falls to the ground stunned.

Alien : That's it Bill, I didnít mind you eating all the time, being selfish in bed or resting your beer on my head, but now I want a divorce.

Pred : Iím sorry, you're right, Iíll stop being a ass.

Alien : Too late now mother ****** Iím gone, so this means war.

Predator breaks down and cries.  

Jerry : Next we will meet a five legged man with seeing problems.  

                                   THE END?

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