Fan Literature   -   What its like to be an alien egg   -   Chapter 1
What its like to be an alien egg
Written by:  Warrior1000

Chapter 1 - Boredom

Egg1: Man I'm booooored.

Egg2: Man shut up. 100 years of being dormant and you won't shut your yap.

Alien queen: Shut up you kids I'm trying to kill a predator!

Egg1: Tough old broad.

Alien queen: What.

Egg1: Ummm..I love you mom.

Egg2: Nice save dude.

Egg3: Shut up I'm trying to sleep.

Egg1:But I'm bored.

Alien queen: Maybe if you shut up I'll have the drones play with you.

Drone: But they're so annoying they never shut up.

(Queen Glares at drone angrily)

Drone: Ummm..Who wants to play Uno?

Egg2: We dont have hands retard.

Drone: How about twenty questions?

Egg1: Sure.Is it big?

Drone: Yes.

Egg1: Is it Black?

Drone: Yes.

Egg1: Is it fat.

Drone: Yes.

Egg1: Is it the queen?

Drone: Yes!

Queen:What did you just call me!!!

All togethor: We love you mom.

Queen: That's what I thought.