Fan Literature   -   The life of a queen.   -   Chapter 2
The life of a queen.
Written by:  Warrior1000

Chapter 2

Chestbuster1: Mom I'm hungry!

Chestbuster2: Me too!

Chestbuster1: Now I'm thirsty!

Scarlett: Shut up, Shut up, Shut Up!!

Chestbuster1: Bu-.

Scarlett: NOOOO!!Leave me alone for once!

Chestbuster3: Mommy I'm bored!

Scarlett (Flicks away Chestbuster with finger): Not my problem!

Alien drone: But you're the queen, so it kinda is.

(Scarlett slaps away drone with tail): Shut up! Get that lazy king to get me some coffee!

(king enters room): Honey, we're under attack!

Scarlett: What am I supposed to do about it? I'm attached to this eggsack! You're king so take care of it!

King: Yes dear!(king walks out)

Chestbuster1: Mom now I'm even hungrier!

Scarlett:AAAAAAAHHHHH(goes berserk)
(everyone runs away)

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